On-line дебатата „Roadmap to Your Green Deal 2„ е отворена за секој заинтересиран кој може да учествува со презентирање на своите предлог идеи преку видео запис.


Во видеото одговорете на следните три прашања:

- Кои лични вештини и организациски капацитетит се потребни за да може компаниите/институциите/организациите да решаваат еколошки проблеми во вашата заедница ?
- Како според вас би изгледало едно одржливо претпријатие/организација ?
- Со кого би склучиле Green Deal за да спречите зголемување на глобалната температура ?

Видео запис , во времетраење од max. 3 min. подгответе го во формат дефиниран со Squiz Sun платформата - инструкции за подготовка на видеото на линкот https://youtu.be/BJQopW4HV6o Видео записот преку апликациите за трансфер на големи податочни фајлови испратете ни го на e-mail info@sbch.org.mk

Сите кои ќе постават прашања до нашите панелисти или ќе испратат видео запис со свои ставови и одговори на дадените прашања се воедно активни учесници на Green Energy Day 2022 дебатата на
17 Декември 2022 г.

Squiz Sun - START UP

networking the personal thinking mind



It’s a video adventure through the free-minded spirits and between ones that thinks out the box. The platform that collected the video first persons ideas is new model of social web for connecting people and spreading awareness about the worth of the human mind and common creation which will evolved in beautiful and powerful social ascension and raising the ability to help the world with sustainable responsibilities for the future generations. It will be our attempt to make base and saved our legacy. What is amazing inhere is the openness of the concepts and the opportunity for redesign the creativity of the people. The platform will balance between their ordinary life and new media, where everyone will be heard and important.

Selected videos

M.Sc. Emilija SOFESKA

It’s my attempt to explore the design in different media. What amazes me in the video media today is the opportunity to build and to tall the story that ordinary people created. The tools that are used are implemented in the technology that we all have in our hands (smart phones, tablets…) Most of the short video products that I designed and composed are first person ideas about the nowadays topics, problems of the society, nature, digitalization, new community and challenges of the today’s reality. The design process is natural, not pretended and spontaneous. I believe that all the persons have something to say, everyone have an idea and all the people are worth to speaking in first persons. If we ask them questions we will discover a fortune of answers and ideas that have never been heard, or at least it will be a different kind of answers, thoughts and solutions. If all those ideas are listened and composed in the library of self-data, the collection of saved login info about everything will occur in the one touch distance.

First-Person Ideas by Emilija

First-Person Ideas by Emilija
I'm university graduated engineer of architecture and Master of Science in architecture and urbanism in the field of sustainable urban planning. To fulfil my dreams I’m looking for opportunities to work indifferent challenges and locations. To getting something new that can be learned in a way is always advantage. I'm a winner of "Engineering Ring" for the best graduated student in Faculty of Architecture in Skopje for 2003/2004, from Engineering Institution of Macedonia. I have over 20 years of experience in the field of architectural design as employed several companies dealing with construction and architectural design.  The longest period of my career, I dedicated work as an architect designer in Budva, Montenegro, where I gained invaluable experience. My knowledge is valued and in COSMO Innovative Center where I'm a consultant in services related to architectural design and sustainable development.

M.Sc. Petar Petrovski

First-Person Ideas by Petar

I have a bachelor degree in architecture. I have been living and working in Australia for the last 15 years.

I have experience in many areas of the building industry. Architecture is an ongoing profession. It does not stop with the necessity for new knowledge and experience.

Currently, I'm working on my thesis for a master degree in the area of architecture.

I'm very passionate about everything in our lives, cultures, languages, people, food, travelling. Life is not about one thing is about many things.

Ph.D. Blagica Sekovska

First-Person Ideas by Blagica

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